Matrix Collective Consciousness 

Self-Love vs Self-Sacrifice 

Inteview with Brad Yates 

During this session, we discussed what self-love is, what it means for us individually, how to tune into our levels of self-love, and how to tap through the resistance.  

Brad then tapped with Lesley, one of our listeners who explored how she was sacrificing her own self-love and here's her comment in the Facebook group;  

"Wow I really wish people could have seen the shift in me it was amazing though I think you may have been able to tell I was grinning towards the end because my voice changed! Thank you thank you Brad for shifting in minutes what self reflection hasn't really touched in years".  

To end with, Brad led us in a positive tapping round on self-love.  

The energy was sky high after the call, I felt fired up!

Tune in to that energy by listening and tapping along.  

Then ask yourself: 

What's one act of self-love you can do today? What would your day/life look like if you prioritised self-love?

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