EFTMRA Online Swap Circle

Individual Swap Sessions & Professional Development for the EFTMRA Community

This is for EFTMRA Practitioners who...

  • Want to receive an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session
  • Want to practise their EFT and Matrix Reimprinting skills online in a safe space
  • Want to enhance their professional development through Q&A / Group Tapping
  • Would enjoy a Q&A session with an EFT Trainer
  • Need swap sessions and supervision to work around their schedule and budget
  • Would like to work towards the EFTMRA Professional Development Award for their website

We all know that swapping sessions with other practitioners is a major contributor to building confidence with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. 

No matter how long you've been a practitioner or worked in the healing or psychotherapeutic field, a commitment to self-work is of utmost importance. 

Working on specific beliefs or life themes is the way to get true resolution and move forwards with this technique. 

Most EFT'ers and Matrixers don't need reminders of this, because once you know how good it feels to be free of those old patterns, you can't wait to clear even more. 

The EFTMRA has the most incredible community spirit. 

We have dynamic Facebook groups which are hives of advice, activity and support. 

In the UK, we have several practitioner swap groups, and these are important pillars for our community - they provide a safe space for swapping, feedback and Q&As...often with a talk or demonstration from an EFT Trainer. 

Yet, these groups are far and few on the ground. 

Karl Dawson and I recognise the need to bring our community together so that swap sessions can happen easily, questions can be answered and so that we can learn something new for our continued professional development. 

We want to bring our community together so that practitioners all over the world can meet each other, swap, learn and evolve together. 

The EFTMRA community is one of our biggest strengths so let's get in a virtual room together!

How it will work?

  • Monthly 2.5 hour sessions.
  • When you arrive, you will be randomly allocated into a virtual breakout room with a fellow practitioner.
  • You will be in this room for 90 minutes - doing a 45 minute session each way.
  • You will get friendly reminders of the time left.
  • At the end of the swap time, we all join together back in the main circle.
  • We will use the final 50 minutes left for feedback, Q&A and a group tapping exercise, which might be on writing a blog or doing a Matrix Collective Consciousness (MCC) exercise).

 The World needs us to collaborate and work together. 

Here's why...

The synchronicities, the high energy, the collective healing, the power of group intention and working through our own blocks. 

I'm Kate Marillat, and as you may have guessed, I'm passionate about tapping in groups. 

It's how I was introduced to EFT, and how, by running local groups, I gained confidence as a practitioner and a facilitator...which ultimately led to me co-authoring a best-selling Hay House book, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life with Karl Dawson.  

I've held generic local EFT groups, themed workshops, practitioner swap groups, monthly online tapping sessions and global webinars holding the space for up to 600 people and raising £1,600 for Tapping Charities across the world. 

Believe me, when we've got 100 people all swapping and working together at the same time, the energy is palpable. But, you'll know that from your training and you'll certainly know what I'm talking about if you've ever attended an in-person swap day or Matrix Reimprinting Convention.

The EFTMRA Online Swap Circle was born from my 5 week immersion into Tapping Groups (next journey begins on September 6th) where I held the first online circle and it was a total success...

Here are some of the comments: "It was magical." "I am very thankful the universe paired us." "I went from an 8 to a 2." "A layer of fear has gone." "Feeling so excited this morning - much better feeling than apprehension and fear."  

I feel incredibly grateful that we've got the technology to hold these community swapping sessions, which is giving us the opportunity to bring our community together, find new swap partners and help us learn and develop our skills.

Plus...you have the opportunity to work towards the new EFTMRA Professional Development Award. These are given out each year by Swap Group Facilitators - please see below for more details.

Here are the dates for the next 3 months. 

The price for each 2.5 hour session is £20. 

Spaces are limited and we have a large community, so it's best to block out the time in your diary and book them in now. 

Once you've signed up for a session, you'll receive an email with step-by-step instructions. 

I promise you, the set-up is very easy and simply involves following a link to the online meeting. 

If you need some more clarification, please do email me at katemarillat@gmail.com

The Dates 

We've tried to make the timezones as accessible as possible for our global community - here is link to a time converter, in case your zone isn't listed. 

November 2018

"Swapping keeps my energy flowing while untangling my personal patterns. The people I swap with inspire and teach me and I gain confidence with them, enabling constant learning. This allows me to give more to my clients. Also, feedback on these sessions is essential for our growth

Denny Ellis

"Apart from the obvious, clearing my 'stuff', I find it so valuable to have swap sessions for many reasons. I learn a lot from the other people's styles and techniques and it's good to be reminded of what it's like to be on the 'other side' of the process. Although I know I can work on myself, I find working with swap buddies allows me to relax into the process more. They ask different quesions than I might ask myself, notice different things and find my blind spots." 

Jema Wrigley 

EFTMRA Professional Development Award

The EFTMRA recognises that professional development is important, and that attending practitioner swap days (swap shops) and the online circle are key to gaining confidence, enhancing skills and building community for practitioners. 

From June 2018, there is now a yearly EFTMRA Professional Development award. 

These will be given out in December of the relevant year. 

In order to receive an award for the year, you have to:

  • Attend either 4 in-person practitioner swap days (swap shops) or supervision days (these are full day events & currently only available in the UK).
  • Attend 8 online circles (Global sessions twice a month).
  • Or a mixture of both.
  • You will need to keep your own records and let Kate Marillat know when you've achieved the required amount - via email katemarillat@gmail.com

Once you have the award, you can put it on your website or print it out for your therapy room.

Please note, that in 2018 you only need to attend half of the official amount due to the award system being announced in June. 

Book your space on the EFTMRA Online Swap Circle here

More dates for 2019

Tuesday 15th January

Tuesday 12th March

(bookable soon)