Soul Circle Retreat 

Women have been meeting in circles for thousands of years. 

We have always known that we need support to help us feel safe in moving forward with our dreams and passions. 

In a digitally distracted world it can be hard to find an organic, intimate community that is also dedicated to living a creative, fulfilling and spiritual life. 

This retreat is designed so that you to connect with your wise sacred desires through creativity, energy techniques and collective meditation.

And, when you feel ready, that you are able to share those strong intentions with the rest of the circle on the day and in the months ahead. 

What: One Day Retreat & 11 months of support.


Saturday 14th July  


Where: Brighton & Hove UK

Most of the time we are too busy to sit down and *really* think about our soul's callings, our deep desires, how we want to feel in the next year or decade.  

Bringing women together to support each other, to share their dreams and goals makes a profound difference to women's lives.  

In the power of a group, we can feel heard, loved, and respected.  

We can draw on the collective energy to let go of past hurts, commit to being present and set strong intentions for the future.  

I've run New Year Revolution Retreats for four years and they were game-changers. 

However, creating a monthly check-in circle as a continuation of that important work means that that the women stay connected to the intentions they set on the retreat. These online check-ins become a well of support and show you on a month-by-month basis where you need to shift your attention.

We are in living in a time where collaboration rather than competition is one of the most important mantras you can live by. The time for tearing other women down is over. We are the invisible revolution, we also have pressures on us from all directions. It is not all love and light, and even when it is, there is little time to call it in. We have to ring fence that 'soul' time. 

Mothers, lovers, wives, daughters, sisters, healers, creatives, elders, breadwinners - there is a myriad of roles that we play. 

Spread on that the butter of society's expectations, our appearance, our kindess, our emotional balance, how we appear on social media, on the school run, at work, on the yoga mat, then add the layers of our childhood stuff, ancestral stuff - we've all got it. You know it, I know it.

So, consider those layers, and know that we are all craving a deeper connection, with ourselves and each other. 

We need support, and to know that there is a tribe of soul connected women that have your back, well, you can face anything and by regular check-ins you'll stay connected to those strong intentions from the time you were in a room together.

I've been refining this process with different groups and now I'm ready to faciliate soul circles that bloom organically. 

That they eventually have no 'leader' but become self-sufficient. I dream of these circles running for a lifetime. I know I'll never give my own soul circle up. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You want a whole day to appreciate 2017, explore your goals and set your soul intentions for the year ahead.
  • You crave support from women who are walking a similar path.
  • You know yourself. You've been doing your own inner work for a while now.
  • You love being in the creative zone.
  • You want to feel that fire in your belly, warmth in your heart, hopeful, ignited & excited about the future.

Collective Energy

The power of working in a supportive group of like-minded souls is incredible. 

Time to let go

Explore and release any past disappointments & so you can listen to your soul's true desires without self-judgement.

Creative Exploration

Step back from being busy, take time to write, paint draw what you dream for 2018 and beyond.

Create your tribe 

Your intimate group will be guided to create its own monthly online check in. Be supported for all of 2018.

Strong Intentions

The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.


When women support each other, incredible things happen. Even more so, when they've connected at a soul level.  


Be inspired by yourself, the group and any guidance you want to call in. Voice your soul dreams and create a loving plan to make them happen.

Make Art

Spend time making the outline of your dreamboard, capture the essence of the day and take it home for daily reminders of your soul's whispers. 

"I've grown to love our 'Power Circle' as we call it! It's been invaluable to remind me when I need more self-care, and to give me a regular time to really connect with how I'm feeling. It's been heart -warming to give and receive support from each other, and inspiring to hear how others are dealing with things and going for what they want!"  

Liz Linington 


What: One Day Retreat and a monthly check-in session for 2018


Saturday 14th July

Where: Brighton & Hove, United Kingdom

 Let me tell you a story...

In 2012, I spent two days working through Leonie Dawson's 'Create Your Amazing Year' workbook. By the following December I was amazed at the manifestation magic that had happened simply by carving out the time to set goals, intentions and wishes including a book deal, weekends away and new mentors that had entered my life. 

Fast forward five years and the Soul Circle Retreat is an evolution of of running New Year Revolution workshops, holding online healing spaces, and writing books. 

My own soul circle of eight incredible women grew from those New Year Revolution days. Originally I was the 'leader', now I'm part of the circle as we all take turns in holding the space for each other and offer support in our own way. This happens online, once a month.

I have needed my own Soul Circle and its strength on many occasions. 

It isn't all about creative work (is it ever?) 

We are not one dimensional creative machines. Over the years, as the trust has grown, there has been deep sharing about relationships that are under strain, children that are pushing buttons, stretched finances and health that needed intervention. We've also celebrated the successes such as moving home, new self-care practices, entry to a marathon, a booked holiday, and the completion of many incredible projects.

Following the retreat, the online format is kept simple; one hour to reflect on three questions so you can evaluate the month, let go of what you need to and set intentions for the next cycle. There is a time for sharing, and the offer of processes by Soul Circle members such as Tapping and Meditation. 

We listen, we care, and offer our thougths if asked. We connect because we have looked into each others' eyes and shared some of our sacred intentions. The boundaries are already strong.

On the retreat, when you first meet your circle, there will be edges for you to tread, names to remember, eyes and souls to look in - most importantly your own. Wonders about who, how and what brought you together.

The circle is built on organic growth, give yourself time to ease in and only share what you want to. 

First and foremost, the day Retreat is set up for you to explore your own creative dreams, goals, and desires simply for yourself. Whether that is a trek in patagonia, writing a book, a change of career, a succesful business, or a desire for a baby...

During the day, I'll guide the circle to commit to the dates for the next 11 months of check-ins so that there is a plan in place.

Following the retreat:

Experience has taught me that in the first instance there needs to be a leader. Someone who will encourage you to step up and hold the space when you feel ready.

- I will hold the first online circle via Zoom so that you can get comfortable with the technology.

- I'll be present for at least three months of check-ins and the caretaker for as long as you want me to be.

- You will also have a secret Facebook group so you can connect with each other between your meet ups and check-ins.

- You will recieve a guide on how to hold the online soul circle check in so that you can take the reins at some point. It is through this passing over of the facilitator role that empowers everyone to step up and hold the space for others.  

"Kate brought together a community of women from all different walks of life. We have formed amazing bonds and uplift and nourish each other on at least a monthly basis and the sessions have gone from Kate leading to everyone taking their share of the process and bringing their own uniqueness to the magic of women working together." 

Jenny New

"This group has been invaluable to me and I have massively benefitted from the regular support from everyone every month. The live meet ups have also provided a chance to re-evaluate, and to deepen friendships. The group has helped me to focus on my goals and kept me in line as to what I want to achieve. I have moved to my perfect house and now have my perfect sofa as well as being on the road to achieving my spiritual goals too!

Shirley Archibald

Would you like to come on Retreat and create your own Soul Circle?

Once your place is confirmed, you'll recieve an email with all the details.