Design, Create and Launch Your Transformative EFT Group 

Get ready for your 5 week immersion into EFT Groups, Courses and workshops and how to make them work for your clients, your business and the planet.

Working from the heart

This is a journey for life - hence why we have The Tapping Collective

10 weeks of live support in 2019

Proven material that works

Time to step up

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Weekly Tapping Sessions

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Who is this for?

  • Emotional Freedom Technique / EFT / Matrix Reimprinting / Energy therapy practitioners who want to facilitate EFT groups, programes and workshops - both on and offline.
  • Energy workers who want to reach more people with the tools that they have to share.
  • Energy workers who want support, a place to practice their group skills, increase their confidence all with a tribe of people supporting them. 
  • EFT'ers who want to explore, tap on and dissolve any blocks that are holding them back from group work.
  • Tappers who want to be part of a supportive community that supports each other with 121 swap circles, soul circles and the power of a large collective group. 
  • Matrixers who want to learn and hold Matrix Collective Consciousness (MCC) sessions so that we can raise the vibration of the planet. 

Your 5 Week Immersion starts here...

There are so many types of EFT Groups: Local monthly meetings, global online webinars, practitioner swaps, Ambassador days and niche groups in schools, hospitals and charities. 

Not to forget specialised groups on subjects such as writing, pain relief, abundance, self-care, and healing the planet.

There is no right way to run a group or programme, whether it is on or offline.

There is no one-size-fits-all. Despite what the adverts on Facebook tell you.

If you want to hold a group space for people to try, use or learn EFT, then you can. 

And you can do it your way. 

I've hosted this as a 5 week live immersion twice with over 70 practitioners and now it is part of The Tapping Collective. It will be run in March and October. You can attend both (and the other events!).

The feedback from participants and the amount of new tapping groups, courses and workshops that have evolved from this course speak for itself.

This is not a passive online course. 

You are joining the Tapping Collective which this 5 week journey is only one component of. 

How it will work?

Our live immersions for 2019 start on - 

Thursday 4th March 2019 & Tuesday 1st October and and run for four weeks always at 19:30 GMT.

  • Intention week - Go Deep, Get Clear on who it is you want to serve, and why! Set that powerful intention and send it to the universe on the New Moon.
  • Practical week - What skills do you need to learn? This is a 'Big' Session taking you through safeguarding, Facebook Groups, software, the sandwich structure for committed courses or drop in groups.
  • Emotional Week - Time to tap through those blocks that are holding you back. We have a group matrix session as well as encouragement for swap sessions with your accountbility buddy and to make time for your soul circle (small accountability groups).
  • Integration Week - Pull it all together in this week. Take time to integrate and set the date...Plus there are three step by step videos helping you set up an automatic payment system for your attendees.  
  • Action & Marketing Week - Learn the skills to reach your attendees (and keep them coming back) in a mindful way with both online and offline strategies including social media, facebook ads, content creation and networking. 

Supersonic Support

As well as our live weekly sessions, our lively Facebook group and buddy-ing up with your accountability partner and Soul Circle, you have these powerful interviews with luminaries who share their own wisdom about holding EFT groups and courses (access any time in our easily navigatable membership hub)

Karl Dawson, EFT Founding Master and Creator of Matrix Reimprinting 

Karl Dawson talks about the early days when he first started monthly training sessions and had 4 people in his converted shed. He tells us how he handles conflict in a group, his view on borrowing benefits and what are the keys to success.  

Plus we talk about the Ambassador Days and EFTMRA Swap circle - including the yearly professional development award.

Katie Brockhurst, Social Media Angel. 

Katie is a light in social media and is creating strategies for a new age. 

We talk about how we can use social media in a mindful way.  

Plus we riff on using Facebook Groups to enhance in-person groups, creating sacred spaces and intentions for online EFT gatherings. 

Why Social Media is the best tool we have to connect with more group attendees and why managing your energetic boundaries is extremely important. 

Eva Weaver, shamanic counsellor 

Eva is an incredible creative force, and experienced in holding sacred circles on the subjects such as sexuality and creativity. 

In this interview, we talk about the joy of holding groups, how we can create a safe space in an inclusive heart-felt way. 

Plus some key strategies of how to look after yourself after a session - including good psychic hygiene. 

Dawn Cretney, Safeguarding for EFT Groups. 

Dawn Cretney, EFT & Matrix practitioner, director of Enterprising Youth and safeguarding expert shares her knowledge about what we need to be aware of when it comes to our EFT groups.  

What are the practical things we need to have in place to ensure that disclosures are treated with due care, that we have followed basic requirements to keep ourselves, our clients and the larger community safe.

Penny Croal, EFT/Matrix & Meta-Health Trainer 

Penny is one of the world's authorities on Meta-Health. 

We discuss her years of experience in running groups and thoughts of why you should never cancel even if you have low numbers plus the importance of a safe space. 

Plus why it’s best to have a structured theme for newbies and the power of ASKing for what you need to get your group going – and most importantly, she has some great questions that allow you to go deep into the emotional blocks you might have.

Susie Shelmerdine, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Trainer

The creator of Realise Your Dreams and author of the excellent book, Your EFT Business. The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream practice.  

In this chat we riff about power of intention, the pain of a group going wrong plus the elation of when it goes right.. She also takes us through a beautiful exercise from her book, called Double It. Get ready to visualize the group, and then let more people in…it will help you create the energetic space so the universe can fill it.

Ruby McGuire Visibility Coach

Awesome chat with the highly knowledgeable Ruby McGuire - the Queen of Visibility. We talked about how you can find your dreamies, both on and offline.  

She shares a Marketing Mindmap with a plethora of ideas you can return to again and again. A chat about the building blocks of content creation and a guide to PR.  

Liz Melville, 

Facebook Ads Strategist

Are you ready to invest in Facebook Ads? There is so much more worth finding out when it comes to Facebook Ad strategy, don't throw money away just boosting posts. Listen to Liz talk about how you can make the most from the incredible opportunity that Facebook ads present to fill your tapping groups. 

The Tapping Collective - What a Community we are creating!

This course is a key part of the Tapping Collective which is a dynamic supportive group of EFT Practitioners. It combines all encompassing support (121 / small group / large circle work.)

Each month there are group 121 swap sessions with another practitioner, plus bi-monthly events such as a powerful collective meetings, a charity tap-athon, Matrix Collective Consciousness and a writing retreat. All done with grace, ease and no pressure - the key word is support.

As a member of the Tapping Collective - you have full access to:

1) The highly organised membership hub where all the materials are laid out logicistically. 

2) Weekly Tapping Showcase Sessions - Once the live immersion finishes, each week, one of the collective who has taken this course hosts weekly tapping session for the rest of the group. 

This is always on a Thursday 19:30 GMT. It has grown into a beautiful space, where we learn about each other and support you taking the step to share your message in a safe space. 

3) May 2019 Tapathon - you can apply to be part of this big charity event. 

4) Our Facebook Group is a lively sacred space with oils burning, comfortable chairs, and full of friendly people who can ask for support and feedback- >

 The World needs more Tapping Groups and Workhops - both on and offline

Here's why...

The synchronicities, the high energy, the collective healing, the power of group intention and being able to share EFT/Tapping so that more people can begin to use it themselves. 

Not to mention, being able to offer a low-cost way for people to learn and try tapping in a safe space. It is a great way to be out in the community, to sharpen your presentation and demonstration skills, meet potential 121 clients and build your tribe. 

I'm Kate Marillat and you've probably guessed that I'm passionate about group tapping.

It was my introduction to EFT, eventually I ran several local groups and it was key to gaining confidence as a practitioner and a facilitator...which ultimately led to me co-authoring a best-selling Hay House book, Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life with Karl Dawson.

I've held generic local EFT groups, themed workshops, practitioner swap groups, monthly online tapping sessions and global webinars holding the space for up to 600 people.  

Plus I ran a 2 year online global healing project, Matrix Collective Consciousness (MCC) that had over 300 members and met every month to work on themes such as global warming, self-love, 'mother' issues, homelessness and many more. We have raised over £1,600 for Tapping Charities across the world. 

As I said before, there isn't one way to run a group, course or workshop - you have to find your own 'WHY' and 'WHO' you want to connect with - whether that's a group for school children, cancer patients, an Ambassador workshop demonstrating EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, or perhaps online global sessions for specific fears like driving, exams, or spiders.

During this 5 week immersion:

  •  You'll go deep into your intention of how your group, course or workshop will look
  •  I'll guide you through the practical components (online/costings/webinar hosting)
  • This includes 3 technical integration videos to help you create a mailing list and a landing page
  •  You'll gain clarity on what are the emotional blocks in your way (fear of being seen? fear of getting it wrong?) 
  • You will have group Tapping time, and swap partner time 
  • You will have a focus on action and promotion will you spread the word in a way that feels GOOD!
  • You will be supported by a group of like-minded souls
  • You will have easy access to all of the information..forever.
  • You will be part of the Tapping Collective that gives you all encompassing support and platform to practice your tappin 

After the success of the last two 5 week immersions, I'm so pleased that we have The Tapping Collective to uplift and support each other - we need accountability to follow through with our intentions.  

Each day I think about how we can remain connected and supported. 

This course evolves with each live version, I add more resources and tapping sessions each time. Over time your groups will evolve as well, and now you have a hub of people and information that you can tap into anytime you have a question or need some insight. 

Collaboration and Community is our Foundation. We also support two charities, The Tappy Twins (grass roots UK foundation that pays for Tapping in schools) and also, Charity: Water which 100% of donations fund clean water projects across the world. 

I love this collective of go-getting Tapping Group Faciliators, the energy is kind and suportive, helping each other take baby steps together so that more Tapping Groups are set up across the world. 

Will you join the Tapping Collective?

Yes, it makes my heart sing.

I want to join The Tapping Collective


"Hi Kate, I am in your group for Launching EFT groups. I wanted to tell you how amazing it is. I cannot believe how much information I am getting and how much clearer I feel about moving forward. Thank you so much!" Lucy McCormack

"I would just like to say a big, big thank you for the amazing content you have given us which is helping me have the confidence to start taking action...I feel so blessed to have been part of this wonderfully supportive group and so hope we will stay connected". Sue Baker

"Just held my first group introduction to eft session! Have learnt sooo much. So glad I’ve started to dip my toe in the water thanks to you and your wonderful online course." Sue Bennett

"Thanks again for all the loving energy that you've sent out into this group. it's been fab! I have really enjoyed connecting with the group" Shirley Archibald

"Thank you so much for the course you provided. I enjoyed every session and now am working on my first tapping group in June. What you provided was much much more than I expected! I was amazed that you were so honest and open about showing your fear and anxiety to us. That encouraged me a lot to be 'me'. Loved your loving energy running through the group and was so glad to be a part of it!" Aya Field

"Thought I’d take the opportunity to say thank you, the course is such a godsend...Had thought to ease in gently and get going September but I’m feeling so motivated I’m taking baby steps already!" Lesley Darling